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"...Maharis, like Michael Moore, has an uncanny ability to capture both incendiary images and real human emotions... Her pictures have stirred emotions at almost every turn."
Patrick Goldstein
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

View from the Center

Larry A. Dever, Cochise County, Arizona Sheriff, relates the extent of the impact of illegal immigration upon citizens in his jurisdiction through his insightful introduction and closing. Twenty-seven Cochise County, AZ residents relate their personal experiences with illegal immigrants and express their views about illegal immigration issues.

Featured are Ann Wagner, retiree; Roy M. Strom, rancher; John F. Petrello III, activist; Dr. William R. Force (Ret.), former college administrator and superintendent; Clyde McBride, ranch hand; Truman Williamson, teacher; Jeraldine Lignon, real estate owner; Dorothy A. Bielecki, retiree; Virginia Saldana, social worker; Julio Robeson, student; Gordon and Brenda Haynes, vet clinic owners; Steve Brown, stone mason; Manuel C. Luna, Roger Barnett, rancher and businessman; Donald A. Rayos, retired U. S. Army; Ben and Virginia Leinendecker, ranchers; Jo Ruth S. Spellman, trucker; Chris Simcox, newspaper owner and activist; Nancy I. Parker, hospital worker; Scott Heckman, property caretaker; Carey Hess, business woman, and Danna Hinderer, mill works associate.

They each relate vivid, often touching events about their life on the border with Mexico in Cochise County, one of the most traditionally active border crossing areas into the United States. They also give their suggestions for solutions to pressing border issues.

Shot entirely on location in Cochise County, Arizona, on the USA border with Mexico.
93 minutes

U.S. Border Patrol
The Path Forward in Arizona

This film documents U.S. Border Patrol development and operation in Douglas, AZ Station infrastructure--fencing, lighting, camera stations, and road development. Includes a demonstration of tracking and its importance along with technology, identification procedures after illegal alien apprehensions, how the Border Patrol addresses environmental issues, the impact on the quality of life and business in this Arizona border community and the Border Patrol's mission with Customs and Border Protection since 2003 in the Department of Homeland Security.

Michael G. Hyatt, SBP (Supervising Border Patrol) Agent in 2002, now FOS (Field Operations Supervisor) in 2007 conducts this rare filmed in depth station tour. In November 2002, he demonstrates the need for improvements to the Douglas station. In 2007, he shows the current status of works in progress and how a proper mix of manpower, technology and infrastructure are needed to gain operational control along a part of our nation's international border.

Introduction by Victor M. Manjarrez, who gives an overview of the Douglas station in 2002 as the Patrol Agent in Charge. Officer Manjarrez assumed of the El Paso Border Patrol Sector July 2007 as Chief Patrol Agent.

Shot entirely in Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona and in the Naco/Douglas Corridor on the USA border with Mexico.
84 minutes.


THE FENCE AND THE FIRE documents The Minuteman Border Fence Project Ceremony Memorial Day Weekend 2006 on The Ladd Ranch, Palominas, AZ. during a severe wind and dust storm.

It includes important information about The 103 Fire that consumed 2,050 acres. The fire started during the Minuteman fence building activities. Conflicting information about the fire is included.

Guest speakers and participants include Rep. Steve King, US Congressman, 5th District of Iowa and keynote speaker Alan Keyes, Founder, Bob Wright, National Asst. Exec. Director, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), New Mexico State Chapter Director... Larry Edwards, Minuteman, Arizona... Jack Ladd, Arizona Ranch Owner... Mark Stine, Reporter, KOLD News 13... Don Goldwater, Candidate for Governor 2006, Arizona... Tony Dolz, 2006 Candidate 41st Assembly District 2006, California... Stacey McConnell, Arizona State Director, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps... Chris Simcox, President, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC)..

Colin Hanna, President, Let Freedom Ring, Jim Campbell, Border Fence Contributor, Minuteman, Arizona... Janetta Holt, The 103 Fire Public Information Officer... Barry Arcala, Minuteman, Arizona... James Coniglio, Minuteman, Arizona... Nathaniel Ryan McCarty, Fire Crew, Sierra Vista Ranger District... Carmen Mercer, Vice-President, MCDC... Al Garza, Executive Director, MCDC...

Don Goldwater, 2006 Candidate for Governor, Arizona... Kara Peters, Student Employee, Sierra Vista Ranger District... Eric Lathrop, Fire Engine Captain, Sierra Vista Ranger District... Dennis Haygood, Fire Engine Captain, Sierra Vista Ranger... Gary M. Thrasher, DVM, Arizona Veterinarian... Rep. Steve King, U. S. Congressman, 5th District of Iowa... Bill Wilcox, District Fire Management Officer, Sierra Vista Ranger District, Coronado National Forest... Alan Keyes, Founder, Keynote Speaker
Joe Condon, Minuteman, California... Dennis Jennings, Minuteman, New Mexico... "Bafflin" Bill Cody, Magician and Minuteman, San Diego, CA... Robert M. Hassett, Minuteman, Colorado

Includes U. S. Border Patrol Illegal Alien Entry Data, Cochise County, Arizona and Fire Data, Sierra Vista Ranger District

Shot in Palominas, Cochise County, Arizona and Naco, Sonora, Mexico on the USA/Mexico border.
96 minutes.

MORE Immigration INSanity
Neville W. Cramer

This title documents Special Agent, INS (Retired) Neville Cramer making a riveting presentation on immigration at a Friends of the Library event, Sierra Vista, Arizona 17 March 2007. Surprisingly, he is a wonderful humorist. His topics include:

  • 1) Who are "They"?
  • 2) The Border Patrol
  • 3) Interior Enforcement in the United States
  • 4) Terrorism
  • 5) Passports
  • 6) Social Unacceptability
  • 7) U. S. Immigration Policy in Washington, DC and
  • 8) New Legislation.
Mr. Cramer closes with the answers to a host of interesting questions from the audience.

We invite you to this rare opportunity to hear from an expert with 26 years of experience in the field of immigration.

Suggested reading: Neville Cramer's Fixing the INSanity

Shot on location at the Sierra Vista Public Library, Cochise County, Arizona, on the USA/Mexico border.
72 minutes

Citizens for Border Solutions

This film documents a 2002 lively community forum on border issues. Contains current 2007 statistics.

Speakers in order of appearance: Cecile Lumer, Citizens for Border Solutions... Pamela K. Sutherland, Esq., Legal Director, Arizona Civil Liberties Union... Guadalupe Castillo,Professor of History, Pima Community College... Bobby Lugo, former Arizona legislator... and Cochise County Supervisor, District 2, Paul Newman.

Shot on location in Bisbee, Cochise County, Arizona on the USA/MEXICO border.
51 minutes

SOS Borders'

SOS Borders'Hands Along the Border Rally (Two Parts). This rally for secure borders takes place in Palominas, AZ, 03 June 2006. SOS Borders is a cooperative effort among a varied and diverse group of organizations and individuals committed to standing on secure borders. Participants form a human wall in one of most active human and drug smuggling areas of the Arizona border with Mexico.
Part I:
Kimblery Fletcher, Host for the event... J. T. Reddy of Americans First...Yeh Ling-Ling, Executive Director of Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America... Al Garza, National Director, The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps...

Cindy and Ed Kolb of John F. Petrello III, Kathy Harvey and Bill Dore (all original members of the Civil Homeland Defense Corps)... Ray Boulton, local rancher... Kim King, local resident... Mike Cristie, Director of Operations of the American Border Patrol... and Melinda Smith, representing American Freedom Riders.
68 minutes

Part II:
Kimberly Fletcher, Host of the event... Michelle Dellacroce of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens... Glenn Spencer, President of American Border Patrol... Russ Dove of American Democrats for a Secure Border... Erin Anderson of Eagle Forum... David Walker, of The Ladd Ranch... and Randy Graf, Republican nominee for Arizona's 8th congressional district in 2006.

Shot entirely on location in the blazing heat of Palominas, Cochise County, Arizona.
74 minutes

Brotherhood of the Border Ride

Hundreds of American Freedom Riders, assembled by Co-Founders Danny Smith and Rusty Childress and Friends of the Border Patrol Chairman Andy Ramirez make a 100 mile motorcycle ride along the southeastern Arizona border with Mexico from Benson, AZ, paralleling the "Naco Corridor". The ride ends in Tombstone, AZ. The event occurs on Sunday, October 22, 2006.

Hundreds of motorcycle riders and supporters demonstrate their support for U. S. Border Patrol agents. They, and speakers, also protest the unfair prosecution of Officers Ramos and Campeon, who have each received long federal prison sentences in Texas.

Near Palominas, AZ, The group secures the USA/Mexico border with a symbolic wall of riders and motorcycles.

Speakers: Randy Graf, Former AZ 8th District Republican Candidate... Cindy Kolb, Co-Founder, Desert Visions, T. J. Bonner, President, National Border Patrol Council, Andy Ramirez... Chairman, Friends of the Border Patrol with a closing statement from Rusty Childress, Co-Founder of the American Freedom Riders.

Shot entirely on location in Cochise County, Arizona on the USA/Mexico border.
42 minutes.

American Freedom Riders'
Free the Border Patrol Day

The American Freedom Rider Motorcyclists demonstrate at the Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Building in Phoenix, AZ, 13 January 2007. They protest the federal imprisonment of US Border Patrol agents Ramos and Campeon.
Officer Ramos and wife Monica from El Paso, Texas, attend and speak.

Al Garza, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is the guest moderator. Features: Patricia Saye, Co-Founder, Wake Up America Foundation, Republic Radio Talk Show Host... Yeh Ling-Ling, Executive Director, Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America... Colonel Al Rodriguez, Ret., Chairman, You Don't Speak for Me... Bob Parks, Founder, Veterans for Secure Borders...David Heppler, Candidate, Phoenix City Council...

Ignacio "Nacho" Ramos, US Border Patrol Agent, 11 Year Federal Prison Sentence... Monica Ramos, wife of Officer Ramos... Gianluca Zanna, Former Legal Immigrant - Italy, now an American Citizen...Randy Graf, Former AZ 8th District Republican Candidate, U. S. Representative in Congress... Danny Smith, Co-Founder, American Freedom Riders... Chris Simcox,President, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps... Cindy Kolb, Co-Founder, Desert Visions... Michelle Dellacroce, USAF veteran, President and Founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens... as well as statements from participants.

Closes with special commentary from Neville W. Cramer, Special Agent INS Ret., featured in our film seriesMORE Immigration INSanity and author of Fixing the INSanity.

Shot entirely on location in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona.
73 minutes



Cries from the Border

A cinema verite documentary==the raw truth about life and death on the US/Mexican border.
Cochise County, Arizona - Ground Zero for Illegal Immigration into the USA





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